Themes By the Month: March

The Activity Idea Place proudly presents "Themes by the Month". Preschool themes are coordinated with the holidays and observances. To see the curriculum available on, click on theblue links.

Monthly Observances
Related Theme
Cataract Awareness Month
Eyes, Vision, Five Senses
Craft Month
Arts, Crafts
Foot Health Month
Frozen Food Month
Gardening, Nature and Ecology Books Month
Gardening, Flowers, Nature, Birds
Humorists Are Artists Month
Jokes, Laughter, Humor, Feelings
International Hamburger & Pickle Month
Hamburgers, Food
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
Music in Our Schools Month
Noodle Month
Noodles, Pasta, Food
Chocolate Month
Nutrition Month
Health, Nurtition
Peanut Month
Peanuts, Food
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Home Safety
Science Month
Youth Art Month

Weekly Observances
Related Theme
American Summer Camp Week (First Week)
Summer in the Spring
Federal Employees Recognition Week (First Week)
Fire Fighters, Police Officers, , Postal Workers, Community Helpers
Pet Sitters Week (First Week)
Pets, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Frogs
TV Turn Off Week (First Week>
Turn off the TV
Girl Scout Week (Second Week)
Friendship, Girl Scouts
Poison Prevention Week (Third Week)
Health, Home Safety

Daily Observances
Related Theme
National Pig Day (Mar. 1)Pigs, Farm Animals
Peanut Butter Lover's Day (Mar. 1)Peanut Butter, Food
Read Across America Day (Mar. 2)Books, Reading
Dr. Seuss's Birthday (Mar. 2)Dr. Seuss Books, Cats
National Anthem Day (Mar. 3)USA, Star Spangled Banner, Flags
Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday, March 3, 1847 (Telephone Inventor)Telephone, Communication
Dentists' Day (Mar. 6)Dentists, Teeth, Health
Frozen Food Day (Mar. 6)Frozen Food, Food
Michelangelo Buonarroti's Birthday, March 6, 1475 (Artist) Art
Shaquille O'Neal's Birthday, March 6, 1972Sports
Purim - Jewish Holiday, March 7 & 8, 2004 Religious Holiday
Alexander Graham Bell Day
March 10, 1876 - Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first successful phone conversation when he said to his assistant, "Mr. Watson, come here!"
Telephone, Communication
No Smoking Day (Mar. 10)Say No to Drugs, Health
Johnny Appleseed Day (Mar. 11)Apples
Lawrence Welk's Birthday, March 11, 1903 Music
Pi Day (Mar. 14)Math, Science
Potato Chip Day (Mar. 14)Potato Chips, Food
Save A Spider Day (Mar. 14)Spiders
Albert Einstein's Birthday March 14, 1879Science
Quilting Day (Mar. 15)Quilts, Family
St. Patrick's Day (Mar. 17)St. Patrick's Day, Green, Shamrocks, Luck,Colors
Barbie Doll Day (Mar. 20)Dolls
The Great American Meat Out (Mar. 20)Meat, Food
Spring Equinox (Mar. 21)Spring
Earth Day (Mar. 21)Earth, Space, Conservation
Goof-Off Day (Mar. 22)Having Fun, Playing
National Sing Out Day (Mar. 22)Music, Singing
William Shatner's Birthday, March 22, 1931 Space
Chocolate Raisins Day Chocolate Raisins, Food, Candy (Mar. 24)
Harry Houdini's Birthday, March 24, 1874 Magic
Pecan Day (Mar. 25)Pecans, Nuts, Food
Waffle Day (Mar. 25)Waffles, Baked Goods, Food
Something on a Stick Day (Mar. 28)Something on a Stick, Food
Doctor's Day (Mar. 30)Doctors, Health

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