Themes By the Month: May

The Activity Idea Place proudly presents "Themes by the Month". Preschool themes are coordinated with the holidays and observances. To see the curriculum available on, click on theblue links.

Monthly Observances
Related Theme
Better Hearing and Speech Month
Five Senses
Better Sleep Month
Sleeping, Hibernation, Night and Day
Egg Month
Eggs, Food, Chickens/Farm
Older Americans Month
Physical Fitness & Sports Month
Teacher Appreciation Month
Teachers, Community Helpers

Weekly Observances
Related Theme
Health Care Administrator's Week (First Week)
Health, Doctors,Dentists
National Hospital Week (First Week)
Hospitals, Health, Doctors
Be Kind to Animals Week (First Week)
Pets, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Frogs
Safe Kids Week (First Week)
Teacher Appreciation Week (First Week)
Teachers, Community Helpers
Nurses Week (Second Week)
Nurses, Community Helpers, Health
Police Week (Second Week0
Police Officers
Emergency Medical Services Week (Third Week)
Police Officers, Fire Fighters,Doctors, Ambulances
Safe Boating Week (Third Week)
Boats, Transportation

Daily Observances
Related Theme
World Laughter Day (First Sunday of Every May)Jokes, Humor, Feelings
Law Day (May 1)Law, Lawyers, Rules, Police Officers
May Day (May 1)May Day, Work, Occupations
Kentucky Derby (First Sat. in May)Horses, Farm Animals
Teacher Day (The Tuesday of the first full week of May)Teachers, Community Service
Children's' Day (Japan) (May 5)All About Me
Cinco De Mayo (May 5)Cinco De Mayo
Willie Mays Birthday (May 6)Sports
Migratory Bird Day (Second Sat. in May)Birds
Mother's Day (second Sunday in May)Mother's Day
First Transcontinental Railway completed in Utah (May 10)Transportation,Trains
Golfer's Day (May 10)Golf, Sports
Frog Jumping Day (May 13) Frogs
Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May.) Armed Forces
Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15)Police Officers
Employee Health & Fitness Day (May 19)Health,Sports
Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic (May 21, 1927) Airplanes, Transportation
Shavuot (Varies)Religious
Golden Gate Bridge opened (May 27, 1937) Bridges, Transportation
Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) Memorial Day
No Tobacco Day (May 31)Health, Say "no" to Drugs

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