Day Care Software

By Vanessa Rasmussen, © 2004, All rights reserved.

What a parent really wants is for their child to excel in various walks of life. They all wish for smart, well-educated children who enjoy learning. While books and pencils are essential to setting a proper foundation for growing education, computers can offer simulating interaction. Software is available for different age groups and is interactive, fun and can also act as a tutorial alternative. Although it is not recommended that children rely solely on the computer as a teaching tool, using educational computer software as a supplement can be beneficial.

Given below is a list of popular education software:

  • Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby and Toddler by The Learning Company - It helps in discovering colors, shapes, animals, letters and numbers.
  • JumpStart Advanced Preschool by Knowledge Adventure - It provides interactive game play tailored to each child's individual learning style.
  • Baby Matters by Parenting Solutions Inc. - It helps in recording your baby's milestones and medical information
  • Monkey Math - It has nine math activities with Marvin the Monkey! Addition, subtraction, fractions, number sequence, money, picture graphs and story graphs.
  • LittleFingers Classroom - It has eight educational lessons for children in grade 3 covering money, introduction to fractions, homonyms, plural nouns, spelling, place value and two math activities.
  • Fisher Price Ready for School Toddler - Kids learn about numbers, letters, colors, music and more. Toddlers hit keys to have fun and then learn to use the mouse.
  • Winnie the Pooh Baby - This CD lets babies, ages 9-24 months, explore and discover without lengthy instructions. Parents act as the guide using the mouse while children touch the keyboard to make things happen.
  • 4 CD set of Britannica Head Start, Britannica Math Club, Britannica Reading club 1 & 2 and Lion and Mouse - This is 4 CD set for ages 3-6 brought to you by Encyclopedia Britannica.

Given below is a list of popular education software:

  • ChildcareWare - Offers a daycare management software program that will help with record keeping, storing child, parent, and pickup person information, photos, childcare rates, enroll dates, immunization histories, and even parent wishes, diets, allergies, and more.
  • Childcare Administrator - It is a fully integrated Windows system specifically designed to meet the administrative needs of child care centers.
  • Childcare for Windows - This is a record keeping tool for childcare providers. Besides the many skills required in caring for children, the childcare provider must also keep accurate, detailed records necessary for yearly tax preparation.
  • Cybersitter - It is a parental control package which covers 30 categories including drugs, sex, and violence and hacking.
  • Lullaby Management - Lullaby Management, by Columbia Basin Edu-care offers a complete program for day care with everything from individual child information and pictures to built-in tax expenses and mileage forms!
  • Net Nanny 5.0 -It helps in preventing access to inappropriate sites, revealing private information, limit the amount of time your children spend online and generally control their entire Internet experience.

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