Kid Craft

By Vanessa Rasmussen, © 2004, All rights reserved.

The following suggestions help you and your kids make fun and interesting craft projects without spending a lot on craft supplies. You can use relatively inexpensive and recycled products for making the following projects:

  • Six-pack carry-all container: All you need is an empty six-pack holder, left-over household paint and decorative articles such as ribbons, lace, stickers etc. and you can make a nifty carry-all container. Paint the six-pack holder with household paint and when it dries, let your kids take over and do the decoration over it as they please.
  • Tissue box photo frame: Use a tissue box which has some decorative print on it. Cut the top off the box and remove the cellophane. Stick the photo underneath and decorate the top with contact paper, beads, glitter, and what have you. Add a magnet to display it in your child's locker!
  • Toilet paper tube robot: Cut a piece of aluminum foil a bit wider than a toilet paper tube and long enough to wrap around it entirely. Stick the foil on the tube with glue and cut colored paper in desired shapes to decorate the robot's body such as making buttons, control panel, etc. Draw eyes on the robot or stick wiggly eyes on it. Make antennae using pipe cleaners.
  • Paper towel tube flower: Stick green construction paper on the paper towel tube to make the stem. Draw a child's handprints on colored construction paper and cut it (you'll need about 6 prints). Glue or staple the flower around a small paper plate. Put some glue in the middle of the plate and sprinkle glitter, beads or seeds on it. Staple the flower onto the stem! You can also make lilies using a single handprint and a drinking straw! Just fold and staple the handprint onto the straw! If desired, staple a couple of leaves as well! Make a few of those for a beautiful bouquet!
  • Baby food jar candleholder: Wash and dry the baby food jar. Tie a ribbon around the top. Paint the jar in any pattern you wish, if you are thinking winter, paint snowflakes, if you want Christmas, paint Christmas trees and so on. Alternatively stick some jewels that are flat on the back on to the jar. You can also spread some glue on the jar using a paint brush and sprinkle glitter all over. Put a small tea light candle inside. Your candleholder is ready!
  • Pringles can Piggy Bank: Wrap a decorative gift paper around the empty Pringles can. Cut a hole in the lid for coins to slide in and start saving money!
  • Paper plate wall pocket: Cut a paper plate in half and punch holes along the straight edge excluding the circular part. Put the plates together and secure it using two clothespins. Now punch holes all around the circular edge of both the paper plates together. Pass decorative threads all around the border in any pattern you wish to secure the wall pocket. Make a hole so that you can hang your wall pocket on the wall. Decorate using crayons, glitter or markers.

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